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Tracy grew up in a family that cooked all their meals from scratch, using organic, viable ingredients. Everyone sat at the table together every night and food was used as a source of entertainment, learning, and nourishment. Later, Tracy went on to receive her certification in Nutritional Coaching from Dr. Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, and still uses food as a relationship builder. . 


Alongside a passion for making healthy eating choices, Tracy has always led an active lifestyle and believes that there is no one size fits all algorithm for healthy lifestyle choices. She uses the mantra “Eat. Move. Be.” as the foundation to her services and specialities and is enthusiastic about creating custom plans and packages for her customers to find the lifestyle that best serves them.

Tracy Kiser, a holistic wellness coach, is known as a nutrition expert, accountability coach, mentor, Reiki master, essential oil educator, athlete, and chef -- but perhaps her most cherished role is mom. Having raised three beautiful daughters on her own, Tracy developed a passion for making food that not only nourished her family, but that healed them from the inside out and encouraged a life-long relationship with healthy food.


For years, Tracy has used her organic & clean cuisine as a platform to reach out to others with a “food as medicine” mentality. She utilizes a whole body approach to achieve optimal health, wellness, and most of all, happiness, by healing the body through nutrition, movement, spiritual awareness, and an overall balance.

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Eat. Move. Be.

Helping people live a more sustainable life through nutrition, movement, and balance.

A holistic energy healing, session includes the thermo-therapy benefits of an Bio-Mat to lay on during session providing increased muscle relief & circulation, essential oils used- customized to your needs. $130 Hour or 3 Sessions Package within 4 months at $115 Hour


Gather your family & friends for an interactive healthy cooking demo. Ask about our events for teens or kids!


Learn how to meal prep in your own kitchen! OR inquire about special occasion, short term meal prep.


An aisle by aisle orientation of healthy meal & living options to set you up for success. $55 Hour Min 1.5 hours


A pantry, refrigerator, or whole home makeover to meet your health & lifestyle goals. $55 Hour Min 2 hours Receive a free Thieves cleaning spray bottle to jump start the makeover!


Sit together to decide on the perfect custom, healthy menu for your event.


Used to promote full body wellness and emotional health, essential oils can be breathed in, rubbed in, or added to a drink or food item. Young Living’s Vitality line are the only essential oils on the market that are labeled safe for consumption and internal use. 

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Healthy Living


Basic lesson, give as an Anniversary gift or Fun Night. Privately at 65.00 hour, min 1.5 hours. Ask about adding attendees!


Packages Based on

Your Needs

Helping people live a more sustainable life through nutrition, movement, and balance